Santa Breakfast

Santa Breakfast

Whew… after 5 days, yes that’s right, 5 days (not all day every day, of course), I am DONE editing the local Santa Breakfast I shot last weekend. It was SO much fun. I loved seeing all of the reactions to Santa. Some kids couldn’t wait to get close and others wanted nothing to do with him! I know everyone had a good time and I hope most are pleased with the final product.

It was a learning experience for me. This is the first time that I was “on a schedule” and had to snap a few pics and move on, not sure if I was capturing that perfect moment, expression or feeling. I also learned that I NEED to keep track of the image numbers and write them next to the names/emails I collected. I was sure I was going to remember everyone…ha!

It all turns out OK though, because I am getting ready to launch my newly redone website. This server allows me to host password protected proof galleries so everyone can look at their photos, download, share (Facebook or email) and print right from the internet. I am using the Santa shoot as a trial for the system. I think it’s going to work great!

So now, off to make dinner and get ready to finish editing my Christmas card photos. More on that later!

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