Becoming a Blogger…

Social Networking is not new to me, and I did, in fact, have a blog many years ago dedicated to keeping out of town relatives up-to-date with my growing family. It’s been awhile though, since I have sat down to put my thoughts on “paper”.

I’d like to welcome you to Sunflower Studios. Here on this blog you will get an inside view on what it’s like to be me, your professional photographer! I’ll share secrets, thoughts, tips, favorites…anything that comes to mind, anything that will connect us.

In this busy, busy, every changing world time often gets away from us. Sometimes I feel like that personal touch gets lost. When you hire me as a photographer, you are not just getting pictures, you are getting part of me in every image that I give you. I want you to feel comfortable trusting me to your lasting memories and I WANT that connection between us… that’s what memories are made of :-)

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